3 days...

2010-03-06 19:45:09 by Jedimace1

It's approaching faster than I could have expected. The day of Final Fantasy XIII!

I'm really getting excited about the release of Final Fantasy XIII on March 9th. See my excited, insane and biased post here.

New User Image

2010-02-24 20:48:58 by Jedimace1

Haha, it's my best attempt at drawing something in Flash. Enjoy!

Unity 3D

2010-02-24 20:39:23 by Jedimace1

I made a quick review on a game engine I've been using to make games for some time. It's a very interesting review with advantages and disadvantages examined. Check it out on my blog here.

My Blog

2010-02-23 19:35:19 by Jedimace1

I posted a blog on Macs, with a little pointer on buying them. You NEED to see this if you are looking at buying a used Mac, it is VITAL! The price may be good and the specs may be nice, but will it run what you need? See it here.